LimitedTime Introductory Special!  The all new 2nd Generation TALON Frame just took simplicity and comfort to a whole new level!  For 13 years we’ve been using and abusing our Gen-1 Grip and Talon Frames by hauling meat, quarters, sheds, firewood, bait barrels, treestands, blinds and pretty much anything else we can think of to test its durability and versatility.  The simplicity of the system along with its ability to carry and secure any item we load into it is second to none. The Frame can be used with or without one of our 9 packs (more to come) and many accessories.  The brainstorm behind the design was to come up with a “System” that would never become obsolete.  You are able to use ALL our G/E packs and ALL of our G/E accessories on ALL of our Grip and Talon Frames no matter when or which generation you purchase(d).  The New Gen-2 Frames are here and ready for you!  New features include:  Removable meat shelf AND contoured shoulder straps.
1.  Removable meat shelf:  Our new removable/adjustable meat shelf is designed to give you the ability to manipulate your load placement and weight distribution better than ever before.
2.  Want some color?  New Fluorescent Orange meat shelf will be available to purchase separately.
3.  New Contoured Shoulder Straps flow inward towards your sides for better all-around comfort.

How to fit your frame:

1.  Attach your waist belt to your waist and tighten, making sure that the lumbar pad is positioned in the small of your back.

2.  Look in a mirror and see where the butterfly portion of the harness is positioned.  You want the Butterfly Harness pads to lay flat on your shoulder blades.  If the butterfly is higher than your shoulder blades, you will want to move the harness down.  If the butterfly is lower than your shoulder blades, you will want to move the harness up.

3. Once determining if the harness needs adjusted, you will pull the velcro tab up.  Remove from the webbing rung and move up or down to the proper position.  Feed the velcro under the webbing rungs and re-attach.

4. Follow step 1 and re-assess the butterfly position.  Adjust as necessary.

5.  Once you’ve properly fit your pack, pull your load lifter straps.  If your shoulder straps lift significantly away from your shoulder, move the tri-glide located where the load lifters attach to the frame and slide away from the frame to disengage.  Do this a little at a time, you want the load lifter straps engaged as much as possible.

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  • Weight 4 lbs.
  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • 1000D Cordura
  • YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable Butterfly Harness for perfect fit
  • Articulating Shoulder Straps that move with you when you walk
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Milspec Hardware
  • Removable Meat Shelf
  • 2 Side Compression panels for extra load security
  • 4 Internal Stays
  • Carry Handle

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